Postsurgical hernia reconstruction

Sometimes surgical procedures in the abdominal area may result in postsurgical hernias. An abdominal hernia is a weakness of the abdominal wall and the formation of a sack where internal organs may trap. They may occur after a procedure or spontaneously. Plastic surgeons cooperate very often with the general surgeons in order to repair these hernias.

During surgery the general surgeon repairs the hernia, releases the internal organs of the abdomen, while the plastic surgeon takes over in order to reconstruct the abdominal wall weakness, reinforce them with the use of a synthetic or biological mesh and suture the abdomen in layers to achieve the best possible aesthetic outcome.

In case the postsurgical hernia is extended and there is muscle loss, then special surgical flaps of nearby muscle groups are used, in order to reinforce the stability of reconstruction and prevent any future recurrence.

The procedure is done under general anesthesia and the patient will stay in hospital for a day or two. The use of a surgical garment is required for a month and any daily physical activity or exercise should be avoided.

The incision is designed in lower abdominal area, resembles the abdominoplasty incision and is easily covered by the underwear or the swimming suit. Postoperatively the healing process is monitored with regular office visits and frequently silicone sheeting on the wound is advised.