Facial mesotherapy

Have you ever noticed that young skin has a special glow? Skin that is firm and smooth is skin that is fully hydrated. Over the years, skin may dry out as its natural levels of hyaluronic acid diminish due to age, smoking, sun exposure, and environmental factors. This is most noticeable in areas that are more exposed to these elements, such as the face, neck, décolletage and hands.

Skin hydration is fundamental to a fresh appearance, but the lack of it deep down can betray other efforts you may use to reduce and repair the signs of skin damage.

Mesotherapy is called the aesthetic procedure during which small amounts of thin in density hyaluronic acid is injected to the superficial skin layers in order to achieve the necessary deep hydration. The majority of cosmetical and pharmaceutical products that are used daily offer temporary and superficial skin hydration. Using mesotherapy hydration infiltrates deeper offering natural and healthy skin glow.

Topical anaesthetic cream is used before application to minimize or eliminate pain during injection. Small wheals (like mosquito bites) may appear after the injections, which disappear in 24 hours but can be covered with your make-up.