Discoloration therapy

Discolorations are the areas of human body that present a different color than the rest of the body.

Discolorations may occur anywhere, at any age and there is a variety of causes. Pregnancies, trauma, chemical and flame burns, sun overexposure and old age can often cause discolorations.
Discoloration therapy requires from the patient patience and persistence in order to achieve the desirable result. Treatment can combine different therapies depending on the depth and range of problem, the type and quality of the skin affected, the patient’s age, and post therapy care. These therapies include pharmaceuticals products, Fraxel laser sessions, and chemical peels. The goal is to eliminate or weaken the discoloration until it is aesthetically acceptable.

The plastic surgeon will estimate the problem and will advice on the right therapy taking under consideration your personal, professional and social life, the weather conditions and your sun exposure.