Buttock Lift

When diet and exercise fail to reshape the buttocks maybe the solution is buttock augmentation or buttock lift.

The butt augmentation is performed two ways. With the patient's own fat (liposculpture or Brazilian lift) or if the patient does not have enough fat tissue with silicone implants.

The fat transfer is the most preferred method in our time. It can reshape nicely and mostly naturally the area without scars and violation of the anatomy. Can be done in an outpatient setting, has small recovery compare with the other procedures. The patient has to wear a compression garment for about a month and resume exercise in about that time. In some occasions the procedure needs to be performed again so fat can be added for higher volumes.

Silicone implants are not so commonly used due to higher degree of complications. They usually are placed either under the gluteus muscle or under the fascia of the same muscle. They are mostly preserved for body builders or patients with almost no fat deposits.

The surgical buttock lift which reshapes the buttock area is a surgical procedure that is usually ideal for patients that they have lost a lot of weight and skin is sagging and needs to be removed. It is done under general anaesthesia and requires one night minimum in the clinic. The incision is long, carefully designed in the line of the smallest underwear. Most of the time an "auto" augmentation can be done by using the extra tissue to tuck it into the buttocks for a total new look which includes lift and augmentation at the same time.